5 Important Facts About NYSC Medical Fitness Certificate

NYSC Medical Fitness Certificate

Prospective Corps Members used to just stroll into camp without a NYSC Medical Fitness Certificate to show proof of fitness in the past, even up until early 2017. And I think that’s cool for a lot of people.

However, the National Youth Service Corps’ leadership has ordered that all prospective Corps members receive a fitness medical certificate before attending the orientation camp.

It’s a fresh development for some, a better development for others, and a lot of worry for others. In this article, CampusNG will give you 5 important facts about the NYSC Mandated Medical Certificate.

1. The Disputations Over Corps Members’ Deaths

Several Corps members have died in the most recent batch. Some brave Corpers perished as a result of one disease or another. May the souls of those who have passed away rest in peace.

The majority of people believe the Corpers died as a result of the Soldiers’ harsh training at camp. Before their child left for orientation camp, many parents would swear their youngster was OK. That is one of the main reasons for the requirement of a medical certificate. It’s just proof that PCMs are suitable for orientation camp.

2. Government and military hospitals are the only ones that are recognized.

Government hospitals are those that are owned by the federal or state governments, as well as their agencies.

These include military, police, and customs hospitals, as well as Federal Medical Centres, Teaching Hospitals, General Hospitals, and Government Specialist Hospitals.

When you are not allowed to visit the orientation camp, using a private hospital or a family hospital, if there is one, will put you under further stress.

3. May I Use My Friend’s Result?

No, you are not permitted to use your friends’. The test result must include your name. It’s hilarious that someone would want to photocopy a friend’s medical report and believe it would be acceptable.

4. It’s a Compulsory requirement.

Yes, the NYSC management required it. Remember that NYSC is a military program, and if the military issues a directive, any civilian who does not comply is on their own.

5. The Certificate can only be signed by doctors employed by the government or a military hospital.

The Certificate of Medical Fitness can only be provided by a doctor who works for the government or military. Do not have the tests done at a government laboratory; instead, have the certificate issued by a private hospital. Such certifications would be useless for their intended purpose.

Conclusion on NYSC Medical Fitness Certificate

Now that you have read and understood the five facts stated above, it is safe to say that you are all set for the orientation camp and Good to Go!

Source: CampusNG

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