List of Current NYSC Highest-Paying States

List of Current NYSC Highest-Paying States

Current NYSC Highest-Paying States – Aside from the federal government approved N33, 000 monthly allowance paid to National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) members, it’s worth noting that certain states handsomely reward corps members who serve in their state. In this article, CampusNG will show you the list of current NYSC highest-paying states in Nigeria. This will help you make a good choice when registering for mobilization for the mandatory National Youth Service.

Ten (10) NYSC Highest Paying States in Nigeria

Below are the current NYSC highest-paying states in Nigeria. Please read carefully in order to make a good choice as you prepare for youth service.

1. Lagos State

As the economic capital of Nigeria and one of the largest in Africa, Lagos state remains the number one on the list of NYSC highest paying states in Nigeria. Youth corps members in Lagos are paid N15, 000 monthly as state allowance. The icing on the cake is that, if you are lucky to be posted to a government Ministry, trust that a lot of tip-ups will trickle into your pockets. Even if you are not serving in the Ministry, certain private institutions and organisations in Lagos will pay you generously. Meanwhile, it is preferable to serve in the ministry because their compensation is guaranteed.

2. Oyo State

Since Gov. Seyi Makinde assumed office as the executive governor of Oyo state, a lot of good things have happened to the inhabitants of the state, and one of such is the increment of state allowance for corps members serving in the state from the previous paltry sum of N5, 000 to N15, 000, matching that of Lagos state. The good thing about serving in Oyo state is that the cost of living in the state is considerably lower, compare to Lagos.

3. Akwa Ibom State

This state not only has many attractive women, but it is also one of the highest paying states for NYSC. Every NYSC participant in this state receives N10, 000 state allowance at the conclusion of each month. If you spend your entire allowance and save this ten thousand dollars every month, you will have a total of one hundred thousand naira in ten months. Interesting, right?

4. Enugu State

Enugu just joined the trend, since they do not only pay corps members in the Ministry. Like Akwa Ibom State, Enugu State gives N10, 000 to each serving corps member in the state.

5. Sokoto State

Incredibly, Niger state feature in this article as is the NYSC highest-paying Northern state in Nigeria. Although corps members serving at the state hospitals are paid differently (N9, 000), while corps members serving in other sectors gets N4, 000 on a monthly basis.

6. Niger State

Niger pays N6, 000 on a regular basis. Corps members who have served in the past commended the state for its unwavering dedication to the welfare of NYSC members in the state.

7. Ogun State

This state, which shares borders with Lagos, has determined not to be left behind, and each month pays N5, 000 to each Corp member. It may appear insignificant, but it is encouraging.

8. Osun State

Corps Members are always paid N5, 000 by the state of the living spring. Aside from the N5, 000, you will have access to the best electricity and a low cost of living. CampusNG can confirm that some private companies in the state pay up to N10, 000 per month.

9. Delta State

Delta is yet another state with a plethora of possibilities. Although the state pays its NYSC members N5, 000 at the end of each month, there is a possibility of getting a well-paying job in the state, owing to the fact that there are many oil companies in the state, and you never can tell if serving in the state will become a launch pad for your career.

10. Ekiti State

Ekiti state also gives N5, 000 as a token to its youth corps members at the end of the month. It may be a little gesture, but it can still cover some expenses to enable you save some few thousands from the standard 33k.

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