How to Get a NYSC Fitness Certificate

NYSC Fitness Certificate

NYSC Fitness Certificate – One of the prerequisites for attending NYSC orientation camp is a medical fitness certificate. It must be approved by a government-run hospital. We’ll go over how to get an authentic medical fitness certificate in detail below.

Why is a Medical Fitness Certificate Required?

This is required since it provides essential health information about an individual. It’s also utilized to assess PCMs’ medical fitness and health prior to their participation in NYSC orientation camp activities.

After the deaths of some corps members during orientation camp events in 2016, NYSC administration recommended that this criteria be implemented.

All prospective corps members have been informed that a NYSC Medical Fitness Certificate is required before entering any NYSC Orientation Camp.

As a result, it is critical to remember that all PCMs must submit a Medical Fitness Certificate prior to registering and being accepted to the Orientation Camp.

List of NYSC Medical Fitness Certificate Exams

For a comprehensive Fitness Certificate, the following items are required.

  • Blood Group
  • Genotype
  • PCV
  • HCV
  • Blood Pressure
  • Stool Analysis
  • Urinalysis
  • HIV

How to Get a Medical Fitness Certificate for NYSC

A medical fitness certificate stamped and signed by the Chief Medical Officer of a government-owned hospital is required of all PCMs. Federal Medical Centers, Teaching Facilities, General Hospitals, General Specialist Hospitals, and Hospitals for Military, Police, and Customs Services are examples of such hospitals.

Obtain a registration card from the hospital and create a folder with your name on it. The health officers will instruct you on where to perform each test at the laboratory.

The findings of the needed test must be presented to the chief medical officer of the registered hospital for certification of medical fitness, where it will be signed and stamped with the government hospital’s seal prominently displayed.


As one of the requirements for accessing the Orientation Camp, all PCMs must produce a the Fitness Certificate. To prevent being penalized by the law, be sure the fitness certificate is genuine.

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