How to Get Loan From Gtbank

How to Get Loan From Gtbank

GTBank has a variety of loan options in Nigeria to meet both personal and business needs. You could become perplexed when trying to find the proper fit. As a result, we’ve put together this comprehensive list of every GTB loan available and how to get loan from Gtbank.

1. GT Salary Advance

This is a GTB loan that allows you to borrow up to 50% of your monthly earnings in advance. It is exclusively available to employees of private firms and government agencies who have GTBank salary accounts. We have a piece that talks over the GTbank salary advance in detail. Take a look at it here.

How to Get GT Salary Advance

They are as follows:

  • Use the GTBank internet banking tool to manage your finances.
  • *737*8*2# is the GTB loan code.
  • Go to any GTBank bank or ATM.

2. GTBank Student Loan

This GTB loan programme, also known as the GTBank Student loan, allows you to pay for your child’s or ward’s school costs. One of the main requirements for this loan is that the institution be located in Nigeria.

Staff of private and public organisations who have salary accounts with GT Bank are eligible for this lending facility. For a more in-depth look at the student loan facility, see this post.

How to Get GTBank Student Loan

  • Fill up and submit an application form as well as an employer commitment form.
  • Please provide a copy of the school fees bill as well as a copy of your credit insurance policy.
  • Ensure that your employees’ terminal benefits are held in GTB.

3. GTB Quick Credit Loan

Quick credit is a GTB loan that is available to both salaried and self-employed individuals. The GTB quick credit loan programme allows you to receive cash right away and repay it over a 6- to 12-month period at a 1.33 percent interest rate.

How to Get GTB Quick Credit Loan

  • Use the *737*51*51# quickcredit GTB loan code
  • use any GTBank online or mobile banking platform.

4. GTBank Max Advance Loan

The GTBank Max Advance Loan is a type of GTBank loan that gives loans to selected employees of private and public enterprises having GTBank salary accounts. Find out more about the Max Advance loan by clicking here.

5. GTBank MaxPlus

MaxPlus is a GTB loan that gives you a bigger borrowing amount and a flexible payback schedule. This is only available to platinum GTbank customers with GTbank-domiciled salary accounts.

6. Computer Acquisition Scheme

This is a NYSC financing programme that allows existing NYSC members to fund the purchase of mobile devices. The allowance accounts of these corps members must be with GTBank, and the loan payback must be completed within the service year.

How to Apply for The Computer Acquisition Scheme

  • Fill the application and send it in.
  • Fill up and submit an Employer Commitment Form.
  • Show GTBank proof of domiciliation of your NYSC allowance.

7. GTBank Mortgage

GT Mortgage is a mortgage loan in Nigeria that assists consumers in purchasing homes by giving loans to customers with GTBank salary or company accounts.

GTBank Mortgage Requirements

  • A filled-out application form
  • The title document for the property
  • Vendor’s offer letter to sell property
  • Get an appraisal from a GTBank-approved estate valuer.
  • GTBank legal group’s search report

8. GTBank Premium Advance

This is a revolving overdraft facility linked to your Debit Naira MasterCard account.

Requirements for Obtaining a GTBank Premium Advance Loan

  • Check to see if you’re already a platinum customer.
  • In the previous six months, your average monthly pay must have been at least N1 million.
  • Your annual revenue must be at least N10 million.
  • In the last three months, your salary account has to be with GTBank.

9. GTBank Travel Advance

The Travel Advance is a GTBank loan designed to help clients with GTBank salary accounts meet their travel needs. This loan can be used to pay for your plane ticket, hotel reservation, airport pickup and transport, tours, and special activities.

10. GTBank Vehicle Insurance Premium Financing

The GTB auto loan allows salaried individuals and businesses with GTBank accounts to pay for their car insurance premium in advance and spread the cost over a 12-month period.

GTBank Loan Calculator

The GTBank loan calculator is a web tool that assists you in determining the amount of your loan payment. The loan payment will be determined by the type of loan and the interest rate.

You enter your loan details into the loan calculator to utilise it (Amount, interest rate, period of repayment). The calculator will then assist you in calculating your monthly payments, total payments, and total interest payments.

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