Npower Batch C Redeployment Process

Npower Batch C redeployment

If you want to know about Npower Batch C redeployment and how to change your Primary Place of Assignment (PPA), you will find this article very useful. In this post, I will show you how to apply for redeployment and the steps to follow.

The Npower program’s management team has requested that Batch C Beneficiaries seeking redeployment use the following Support email addresses: Read also: Nigeria Jubilee Fellowship Program Registration Portal

Some of you have been assigned to a Place of Primary Assignments PPA that is far away from your home, while others have relocated from the state where they lived prior to registering for the Npower Programme and are now in a state that is not the same as their posting state. As a result, they are ready to apply for redeployment.

If you are a beneficiary of Npower batch C and want to modify your PPA or apply for redeployment, please follow the steps outlined below. Find out How to Become a POS Agent in Nigeria

Npower Batch C Redeployment Process

The following are the process to follow in order to have your redeployment request approved:

  • Print your deployment letter
  • Take it to your PPA of choice and request a rejection.
  • Return to your Nasims portal dashboard and upload your Rejection Letter.
  • If you want to be posted to a certain PPA, you must go to that PPA, obtain an acceptance letter, and attach it with your rejection letter.
  • Submit an application for redeployment.

You should be redeployed within 24-48 hours of completing this process.

However, you must additionally enter your full name, N-power ID, application email, phone number, state of deployment, LGA of PPA, and PPA on the Nasims portal dashboard.

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