How to Protect Your WhatsApp Account Against Hacking

Protect Your WhatsApp Account

Protect Your WhatsApp Account – WhatsApp Messenger is currently one of the most popular smartphone chatting applications. This app is used by millions of people every day to send and receive messages, making it a hacker’s preferred target.

Your WhatsApp account can be simply hacked by any hacker with sufficient knowledge. A hacker could be a close family member or a friend. In this post, I’ll explain how hackers can access your WhatsApp account and how you can prevent it from being hacked.

Ways Hackers Can Hack Your WhatsApp Account

1. Hacking By Confirming OTP SMS

It is impossible to use Whatsapp Messenger in our Android phones unless we authenticate our Whatsapp number using OTP SMS, as you may know. In this case, a hacker only needs to use spyware programmes to gain access to your SMS messages.

How to Protect yourself from WhatsApp SMS Hack

  • Install a strong antivirus on your phone at all times.
  • Lock your phone with a PIN or a pattern.
  • In your lock screen, turn off SMS notifications.
  • In your SMS app, enable Applock.

2. WhatsApp Call

If the preceding approach fails, the hacker tries the second alternative, which is to confirm WhatsApp account via WhatsApp call. Your phone is only required for 15 seconds by the hacker. If a hacker is your friend or foe, he can simply complete this duty. Read also How to Watch Dstv on Your Mobile Phone for Free

How to Protect yourself from WhatsApp Hack

In your phone, enable Incoming Call Lock. This programme allows you to lock your incoming calls so that no one else can get your personal call.

3. Monitor and Spy Apps

Spy and parental android applications abound on the internet. If a family member or a friend installs these types of Android apps on your phone. They have complete access to your WhatsApp messages and can read them from any location.

How to Protect yourself WhatsApp Against Monitor and Spy Apps

  • Check your Android device for any strange or unrecognized apps.
  • You can utilise permission manager apps in your phone if you are a rooted user.

4. Backing Up of your WhatsApp messages

It is no longer able to extract WhatsApp messages from the msgstore.db file. However, they have additional methods for obtaining all the victim’s WhatsApp communications. The hacker copies all of your chat conversations and sends them to his email address in text format. In seconds, a hacker read your WhatsApp chat messages. They only need to save the file whatsappchatbackup.txt to their computer. Read How to Become a POS Agent in Nigeria

How to Protect yourself WhatsApp Against This Type of Attack

  • Check your inbox to see if someone is sending you unsolicited messages using your email address.
  • In your WhatsApp and mail apps, enable app lock.
  • Remove the pattern lock from your phone.

5. Managing Your Cellphone

Mirroring your Android phone is so simple that if a hacker has the correct software and mechanism, they can remotely manage your entire phone. Teamviewer Quick Support and the Android app allow you to stream the entire screen of your Android phone to another computer or phone. From these apps, a hacker can gain access to your entire phone or WhatsApp messenger.

How to protect yourself from this Whatsapp Hack

  • On your Android phone, enable pattern lock.
  • Look through your Android phone for any strange apps.

6. Using WhatsApp on the Web

WhatsApp Web is a brand new WhatsApp feature that allows you to read and send WhatsApp messages from any computer. However, you must first scan the QR code with your Android phone. If the hacker is a friend or coworker, he can easily gain access to your phone and link your WhatsApp messenger to the WhatsApp web. If they are on the same network as you, they may now effortlessly send and read your WhatsApp messages. Protect Your WhatsApp Account

How to Protect yourself from this Whatsapp Hacked

From your phone, check your WhatsApp Web Log. If someone uses your WhatsApp from the web, you can see it here, as seen in the image below.


It’s critical to use WhatsApp’s two-step verification to establish a more secure environment for your WhatsApp. Due to a second verification request from WhatsApp, this method helps you safeguard your WhatsApp account, preventing a hacker from accessing your account. This option is now very much available on the Google Play Store’s upgraded version of the WhatsApp app. Protect Your WhatsApp Account

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