How to Know if You have Been Selected for Npower Nexit Training

Nexit Training is a unique kind of entrepreneurship training that will be conducted by Npower to prepare Exited Npower Volunteers to manage or run a successful business. This training may be conducted either online or at a face-to-face level. This article will give you tips on how to know if you have been selected for Npower Nexit training.

The Nexit Scheme Applicants have completed the first stage of the Nexit process, which is enrolling on the Nexit portal to express interest in participating in the Federal Government empowerment options for Exited Npower Volunteers.

The training of applicants is the second stage of the nexit scheme exercise, and it is to be followed by the distribution of startup packages to beneficiaries, which is the third stage. Checkout the List of Current NYSC Highest-Paying States

According to the Minister, around 390,000 of the 500,000 exiting N Power recipients have been successfully integrated into the NEXIT programme, while approximately 109,000 are already on their road to entrepreneurship on their own even before the NEXIT was launched.

How Do You Find Out If You have Been Selected For Npower Nexit Training?

The following will occur if you have been selected for Nexit training when it is due:

  1. You must have been one of the Nexit Program’s registered Exited Npower Volunteers.
  2. Your selection to participate in the next training will be communicated to you via your Nexit registered email.
  3. The Nexit portal, which is now closed, may be reactivated for selected applicants to accept their offers and to amend some records, such as bank account information.

NEXIT is an exit package developed in collaboration with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) for all N-Power Exit beneficiaries to enable them to take advantage of CBN empowerment possibilities. The FG is collaborating with the CBN to provide soft loans to the recipients. See the List of Topmost Mortgage Institutions in Nigeria

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