Ways to Invest in U.S Stocks from Nigeria with as low as $10

Invest in U.S Stocks from Nigeria

Through your mobile phone, you can now easily purchase stocks, ETFs, and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), among other things while you are here, in Nigeria. Not only that, you can track the performance of your portfolio in real time using any Internet data-enabled device, anywhere and at any time. This article will reveal to you ways you can Invest in U.S Stocks from Nigeria with as low as $10.

Now, the question is how can a Nigerian invest in profitable companies in the United States?

Many people often make the mistake of thinking Nigerians can’t buy U.S. stocks from Nigerian. This is because they believe that one needs to either live in the United States or hold a U.S. passport to be able to buy U.S. stocks. Contrary to this belief, which has stopped many from buying U.S. and making cool money, you do not need a U.S. passport or to be a citizen of the United States to invest in U.S. companies.

What exactly are stocks?

Stocks, also known as shares or equities, provide you with a voice, voting rights, and a stake in a company, allowing you to share in its profits at the end of the fiscal year.

The benefit could be in the form of cash deposited into your wallet (depending on how the platform is set up), bonus shares, or rising in value.

Is it safe for Nigerians to invest in overseas stocks?

The first step in purchasing stock in any company is to verify its honesty and authenticity, as well as if it has the necessary business licence.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) said in May 2021 that it was monitoring brokers who sell foreign equities in Nigeria.

The commission has the authority to monitor and regulate stocks operating within Nigeria’s borders, as well as to provide licences to companies that offer international equities to Nigerians.

4 Ways to Invest in U.S Stock Market from Nigeria

Below are the list of some of the top companies through which you can purchase U.S stock from Nigeria

1. InvestBamboo

InvestBamboo is one of the firms that has transformed how Nigerians view global equities by allowing them to acquire shares in Paypal, Facebook, Tesla, HP, and Facebook, among other 300 foreign stocks.

You can choose any stock you wish to buy because you can fund your account in either Naira or US Dollar. The majority of customers who use this programme say they prefer the USD account since it helps them to avoid the Nigerian currency’s declining value.

2. Rise Capital

Rise Capital has done more than half the job by guaranteeing that only US stocks with long-term growth are listed, but no one can forecast the outcome of an investment 100 percent, so you should be cautious as well.

Other investments on the platform, such as real estate, might yield 15% each year, allowing you to diversify your portfolio. For example, invest 40% of your money in stocks and 40% in real estate.

3. Chaka

Its US dollar assets are regulated by the US FINRA and the US SEC, in addition to being the first investment business to earn a FinTech licence from the Securities Exchange Commission.

The interesting thing is, Chaka always recommends competent pros for traders and investors. It’s also accessible, with a minimum investment of $10 or less than N7, 000 or N1000 if you’re buying local equities.

4. Passfolio

Whereas Chaka and bamboo are all designed to allow Nigerians to invest in US and Chinese stocks, Passfolio Financial is more global than the others, allowing anyone from over 200 nations to buy stocks in the US.

The FinTech investing firm established in San Francisco allows bitcoin aficionados to finance their accounts with cryptos.


There is no longer any restriction on the amount of stocks you can purchase. There can’t be a more convenient way to keep track of your stocks in the United States than from the comfort of your own home.

Source: CampusNG

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